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about digital arts group

The Digital Arts Group (formerly known as MacPI, the Macintosh Prepress and Imaging User Group) is a non-profit association formed in 1991 to sponsor and promote educational programs on the use of computers in media and graphic arts.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the Digital Arts Group has members active in the fields of printing and publishing, advertising, design, multimedia, broadcasting, software development, computer sales, web development, and consulting.

Digital Arts Group Board Members 2006

Joann Schissel – info@schisseldesign.com
Free Agent – www.schisseldesign.com

Barb Gordon –gordon@dwx.com
Free Agent – Barb Gordon Design

Secretary and Apple Ambassador
Wayne Davis –wdavis@typexpress.com
Owner – Digimage Arts

At-Large Member
Nannette Rodriguez –nannette@virtualviva.com
Principal – VIVAMEDIA

At-Large Member
Helen Townsend – helen.townsend@mchsi.com
Financial Marketing Services

Wayne Davis –wdavis@typexpress.com
Joann Schissel –info@schisseldesign.com

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